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At Eldorado, a frying pan has roasted our household appliances!
Rough, fiery, steamy and with punches…

Some time in the previous century, stand-up comedy appeared in America. It’s a solo performance by a comedian. Usually, the comedian tells stories from life, shares interesting observations and does everything they can to make the audience laugh. Then, stand-up (as a genre) developed, and subgenres appeared.

One of them is the roast. According to the Internet, the first roast took place in 1949 in New York. 1986 was the first time a roast appeared on American TV. In it, comedians mercilessly joke about stars and other comedians. Today, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and even Bruce Willis have been roasted! Just like the prices at Eldorado!

BBDO Ukraine and Eldorado used daring jokes in the big roast to promote huge discounts for Black Friday.

Some interesting facts:

  • Puppeteers from the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater were invited to the shoot.
  • The spot was shot by British director Ben Tong. He said he would steal a few jokes for his stand-up.
  • That pan was a total piece of work.

And for dessert, jokes that the lawyers did not approve:

  • Why does the washing machine wash so quickly? Because it took too much powder.
  • How does a poor psychologist roast food? With Maslow’s hierarchy.
  • How is a washing machine better than TV? The washing machine actually removes dirt.