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Toyota brings new Corolla’ generation to Ukrainian market. It’s hard to say something new about the car which dominate on the world’ scene over last 50 years.

To be a top dog all over the world for so many years you need to have huge confidence and endurance! This legendary endurance became the central element of all campaign.

To make a jump to the legendary level, we took famous Ukrainian athletes who know the taste of victory and could tell everything about endurance.

We also made series of interviews with Olympians and their coaches to not miss any detail. Oleg Verniaiev and Yuliia Levchenko told how to achieve the highest results thanks to character and endurance.

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk and Georgiy Zantaraia shared how to promote endurance.

Watch how we created this campaign.


Follow the campaign heroes and their results on Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo – hometown of Toyota.