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Multiplex Pepsi Shop

By 28.01.2020 No Comments

Pepsi and Multiplex value comfortable movies. But unfortunately, people are enjoying the full view experience less and less: moviegoers are distracted by the smell of fried chicken, blinding cell phone screens, and kicks to their chairs.

Pepsi and Multiplex decided to remind people about cinema etiquette. But not in the usual way of threatening to kick people out to «finish watching at home.» In order to ensure that everyone enjoys a comfortable viewing experience  — rule breakers included — we developed special devices:

Smell & Sound Absorber 3000. Chow down with pleasure without interfering with others.


Blackout smartphone curtains. Post selfies and give out likes on rather than blinding people with cell phone light.


Kicker boots. Free your feet: kick them, shake them and even dance with them, all while leaving your neighbor’s popcorn undisturbed.