Kyiv Vitamin Plant



Every child (and hopefully their parents) knows that too many sweets are not a good thing. But how are they supposed to survive without it? Well, when children demand sweets, their parents can at least try to make sure they’re somehow useful.

For example, parents can buy something that they trust, like sweet vitamin C tablets, or as we used to call it, “Askorbinka“.

There are a lot of vitamins. There is one Askorbinka.

In Ukraine, Askorbinka is a general name. It derives from the Ukrainian word for “ascorbic acid“, and it’s what everyone has called sweet vitamin C tablets in candy packaging dating back to the Soviet era.

Today, almost all pharmacological companies produce a seemingly comparable product. They not only look related, but the names are all strikingly similar. However, only “Kyiv Vitamin Plant“ has the trademark for the name “Askorbinka“®.

We wanted to talk about distinguishing the original, authentic “Askorbinka“ from the copycats that have flooded the market.

Now that’s the stuff

Children love three things: eating sweets, playing, and watching cool movies.

That led us to create a world where an innocent exchange of children’s stuff turns into an exciting and intense thriller with cool cars, raised eyebrows and cold, stern one-liners. A world in which gold and diamonds have been replaced by a greater value – authentic “Askorbinka“.

And, of course, the spot builds to a climax that defines the authenticity of “Askorbinka“. Who knows how things might have ended if the product had turned out to be fake.