The unseen bias is the most dangerous one

Most people know that we’re all biased in some way or another. You might be biased towards your favorite sports team and against their biggest rivals. If we’re being truly honest with ourselves, this bias may apply to any group we identify with: we could be biased in favor of our family and against their loud neighbors.

However, most of us don’t realize that biases often find their way into our speech— even when we don’t personally hold that particular bias (and especially when we do). Not noticing these biases can lead to serious problems in communication— we could hurt, offend and alienate the people we are speaking with because, without realizing it, we’ve said something insensitive.

Making intolerance irrelevant

Biasless project was created to solve that problem. An online tool that helps people identify, avoid and reduce biased language. Changing the intolerable words into acceptable.

This is a bold mission. Naturally, it deserves a bold identity. We wanted to give Biasless more than just a static logo. Since they’re fighting a problem not all of us notice, we wanted to create an identity that could showcase the problem itself. And, of course, we needed to show how we can solve it.

A changing identity for a changing problem

We created a visual language that can be tailored to everyone’s bias across every medium. We can showcase all kinds of implicit intolerance— sexism, racism, homophobia and any kind of bigotry. And the identity itself can offer a way to combat that intolerance.

The identity can be transformed to emphasize one or more aspects of bias.

A nicer place

Biasless is flexible in how to combat the dynamic problem of our time, that constantly changes. Just the way it is perfectly reflected in its visual identity.
Helping all of us become a bit tolerant and make the world a place where intolerance is irrelevant.