What’s on the roads


With over 30,000 injured and 3,500 fatalities on Ukrainian roads every year, it’s on the way to becoming a national problem. Hundreds of people could have been saved if they would have just used their seatbelts. However, Ukrainians hate to buckle up.

How are your ears doing?

There is one thing lots of Ukrainians hate even more: shanson. A genre of songs praising the criminal lifestyle, which is popular among taxi drivers. It’s the last thing anyone wants to hear when ordering a ride. It was this observation that became the basis for the Bolt behavioural experiment.

Bolt is a digital platform connecting drivers and passengers. It is one of the leaders on the Ukrainian market. Available in 35 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America.

Turn it off

Bolt performed an experiment to make passengers fasten their seatbelts. A shanson song, created and recorded especially for the project, was played in the Bolt car. The annoying song could only be turned off if the passengers put on their seatbelts, thereby saving the passengers’ ears, and saving their lives at the same time.

Take a look at what happened.