BRONX is a strong energy drink combining alcohol, caffeine, guarana, damiana and a mix of vitamins. One can of BRONX can provide enough energy for an entire borough.
In the Ukrainian alcoholic energy drink market, the same player has been market leader for several years. Our task was to create the BRONX brand positioning, which could be showcased in the can design and would eclipse its main competitor on the supermarket shelf.


Marketing Managers of Obolon came up with a brilliant idea — to bring the new player to the alcoholic energy drink market.
Category is open, why not try it?
But first they came to us.
Came and said: Bronx!


We sat down to think about the positioning of the new alcohol energy BRONX, and by the evening we were exhausted and completely out of energy. As everyone began to head home, our creative director said, «Everyone, stay here a little longer, we’re about to get a second wind.» While everyone else thought, “Oh!», our strategists started writing something down. And we had our positioning: BRONX creates a second wind.


The design of BRONX combines the name «Bronx» with that positioning. We combined the cultural aspects of the Bronx — from its Americana to its block parties — with the phenomenon of getting that second wind, that feeling when you’re exhausted, but suddenly your energy continues. This is how the BRONX design came into being— it’s a reflection of the typical Bronx resident who makes their way to several places in one night and still has energy to spare.

 “BRONX is your second wind. A hit of energy, a re-charge. It’s the ability to hit up more places. It’s rapping on a stoop, a pair of new white sneakers and a dollar that you can turn into a million dollars.”

Tupac Shakur, probably, if he had known about BRONX alcoholic energy drinks