BRUNCH time!


In 2020, the launch of a product unseen in Ukraine (and perhaps in the world) took place. A healthy snack! There is nothing in it that is considered unhealthy: no palm oil, sugar, or preservatives. Flavours were added with natural cheddar cheese and Parmesan. The whole complex makes it very nutritious and allows the one who has this snack to maintain a feeling of satiety for a long time – up to 4 hours.


BBDO Ukraine was lucky to be the first to meet BRUNCH and take the lead of its communication launch. We had to come up with a universal way of introducing a very wide audience to a new innovative product.

How to tell about a tasty, high-quality Ukrainian snack, convincing everyone that it, in fact, can also be healthy?


Shouldn’t we sing a song? — we thought. And so we did!

Get ready, very soon you will hear our hymn to a healthy and well-made snack from every speaker. Based on this, we shot a video with the most relevant situations of using a product that quickly relieves hunger and energizes you.

Gotta eat BRUNCH!