Lidskoe Pivo



It all started with the fact that JSC «Lidskoe pivo» released new lemonades. And not just lemonades — but malt-based, purely from natural ingredients, and even with a lower sugar content — well, that is, really natural lemonades. We had a task to switch young lovers of carbonated drinks to it. We wanted to show that healthy is not necessarily tasteless and boring in a pharmacy way, but can be fun, bright and fresh. That’s how the Chiilz brand came to be.
And now we have started shooting videos, how something incomprehensible happened…

What’s that wildness?

Everything was ready, the actors were already on the set, the camera, the motor — according to the script, the main actor had to open the Сhiilz can, and just at that moment a wild dude flew into the frame, as if from the Amazon Forest, and… However, we will not retell — fortunately, the operator managed to film this incident, so you can see everything with your own eyes.

Nature reaches for the natural

We decided to watch Chiilz and concluded that the whole point is in its exceptional naturalness — Chiilz is so organic that nature reaches out to it to refresh itself. Below you will see unique footage that shows the reaction of nature to the opening of Chiilz can.