AB InBev Efes



Cider consumption in Ukraine is growing due to other beverages that people usually drink during entertainment and recreation. No matter how hard you try, usual is often boring. So the new cider “De Sad” from ABInBevEfes couldn’t be boring by default. By the way, dad, what kind of beer do you get?

What kind of magic is this?

Cider «De Sad» is made from apples of Western Ukraine – selected, fresh and … a little willful. In a secret fairy garden somewhere in the Carpathians, apples do not just hang on branches – they fly non-stop, play pranks and sometimes annoy their neighbors. But you immediately forget about their character when you taste, what a fabulously delicious cider comes out of them. SO delicious that even the trees here will tell you. Wait! Talking trees?

Who lives in the garden?

An apple tree Slavik and a pear tree Anton branched out in the center of the magic garden. They are the true inhabitants of Western Ukraine, so different, yet equally charismatic and recognizable.

Here are some super short stories about the wooden friends.



Three weeks of preparation, dozens of sketches for the character understanding, a hundred hours of work, and now the three-meter heroes for the “De Sad” launch tv spot are ready.


Take a look into the garden