AB InBev Efes



On a shelf, in a single row


Cider, Cider, Cider. Oh, there’s one more! The shelves are literally beginning to crack. How can you choose, when there are so many and they all seem so similar? At least in appearance– wooden textures and bold fonts. Also bicycles, bicycles and more bicycles. Hey, I thought the days of beards and plaid shirts are gone!

Add the «simple» anti-consumerist lifestyle of the new youth into the mix— everything that they drink and eat must be natural and high quality. Only then do we start to get the full picture.

Hey, a new cider


The new cider from AB InBev Efes needed to be understandable for those who buy it today. It should be fancy enough to remain relevant, both for the more traditional and for the newer audiences. And it should not forsake its natural origins.

Luckily, we had an ace up our sleeve— the main difference of this new cider is in its ingredient list. They are select Ukrainian apple varieties, collected in the gardens of western Ukraine. From there, we began the process of giving the cider a name and figuring out what it would look like.

Guess what its name is


On the basis of true food benefits, the idea of ​​a magical garden in western Ukraine was born. A garden, where you can have a good time enjoying the shade, the sound of a stream or a chat with your friends. A garden, where fantastic bird-like fruit creatures live.

De Sad (which literally means ‘Where the garden is») is a place where something incredible is always happening.

A sight to behold


We created lively, vivid and detailed illustrations of life in the garden so that our cider could be spotted on the shelf, where everything else looks nearly identical with outdated designs and cliché hipster images.

When hold De Sad in your hand, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. Instead, you’ll want to study every detail of its fanciful label.