Fathers Wine




Two shortlist at Epica Awards

Per aspera ad vinum


In the cases about communication solutions or packaging we usually have a strict structure: the description of the problem, the iron logic of idea and amazing results of the campaign. But not in this case.
The design of this package does not solve any problem. So in order to create it we followed our hearts, not our brains. There won’t be any market share growth, because there will only be 12 thousand bottles of this craft wine produced. You would be lucky to buy and try it.


Iron man from Husiatyn


Ukrainian businessman, patriot and philanthropist Volodymyr Buyachok founded a winery in 2010 in Husiatyn, Ternopil region. Well, that’s how it all started. He bought and planted grape seedlings by his house and persistently learned to cultivate them. Ternopil region has favorable conditions for the maturation of white varieties with perfect acidity. Soon grape and earth thanked Volodymyr with a harvest perfect for making noble wine of different varieties: Johanniter, Jupiter and Helios. The man loved to help society, so he just treated everybody with his wine. The fame of Husiatyn’s wine spreaded quickly. The wine was successful at international festivals and won many prizes.

Not only did Volodymyr Buyachok dream to develop his own wine brand, but he also wanted to spread the culture of winemaking and consumption of this drink in Ukraine. He really wanted winemaking to become his family’s business. In 2018, Volodymyr passed away.




Ternopil region is famous for its castles, caves, nature, but not winemaking. It wasn’t until now. Now Buyachok’s vineyards are part of sightseeing tours in the Ternopil region.

Volodymyr Buyachok’s wife and children carry on family’s business. They created the brand «Fathers Wine» in his honor and brought production to industrial facilities. Today, Fathers Wine can be purchased in many restaurants and supermarkets across the country, and even abroad. Volodymyr’s wife Nadiya and his children Taras and Oksana are constantly improving the production technology and the quality of wine.

Wine created with heart and soul


Grapes are demanding crops, especially in Ternopil region. Every few years, when the good weather comes and a true miracle happens, the earth gives a harvest that deserves special treatment. This happened in 2019. The grapes from which this wine is made are unique. There were only 8 barrel bottled and shipped to exclusive points of sale. You may still be able to find it in some wine shops and restaurants. Oksana and Taras say that their father put his heart and soul into the cause of winemaking. You can still his spirit at every turn while walking through the vineyards or wandering among the barrels in the winery. You can see his contribution in every brick, in every grape brush. Therefore, the wine is called Fathers Wine.

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