What the hike?

Obolon is one of Ukraine’s biggest breweries with an entire arsenal of different brands.

hike entered the market in 2004 and filled a niche for young and dynamic Ukrainians. And for the next 14 years, the brand remained mostly unchanged. At the same time, its consumers became completely different. In 2005, YouTube appeared. Five years later, Instagram showed up. The way people interact with visual information irreversibly changed.

Wait… it’s already 2018?

Everything has changed— from the people to the rules to the market leaders. Cidre, hard lemonade and dozens of varieties of craft beer are on top. It’s not exactly the best time to be a mass-produced beer. Especially one with an outdated design. We need to stand out, to become visible on the beer shelf.

Т like (^_^) #

Everything is becoming shorter, quicker and faster— there’s so much content around that there’s no other way. The internet shorthand, hashtags and symbols that the dynamic, younger generation uses became the basis for the new identity. We created a bold and dynamic visual code that can adapt to the context of use.

Based on true stories

It’s 2018. Everything needs to be genuine. People can spot a fake from a mile away. So we used real people — not actors — in our spot. These are real stories from their lives. They’re real situations, where people have overcome the doubt, criticism and opinions of others. Goodbye boring beer design and advertising. Hello, hike.