No matter how easily desserts fly into the mouth, they are heavy: here is oil, gluten, and dough, and also cream! After such sweets, you want to throw/break/hide/transfer to another dimension the scales. But such a severity does not concern marshmallows. They are light. Light in a formula and feel. It was not for nothing that we thoroughly tested them with the whole agency! Therefore, we noted in positioning: Jaco is lightness for dessert.


To prove that this dessert is light, we decided to tell the truth. Without dramatization, hyperbolization and other creative techniques. And just handed over the story that the assistant technologist told us.
And then – we give him the floor.

Cloud word

(Translation from the cloud language)

«I rarely give interviews. Try to understand me: working as an assistant to the First Marshmallow Factory requires some confidentiality. Therefore, everyone immediately rushes with questions: «Why are Jaco’s desserts so light?» «What kind of magic is that?» «Am I really a cloud?» (It is very disappointing to hear this, by the way). And when you tell the truth so inquisitive, they don’t believe it. Say, fairy tales! Therefore, finally, I can tell why with Jaco`s desserts you want to smile, open your heart to a new one, sing, and dream without stopping! Listen carefully:

Once at Jaco’s factory…