Learn to fly

Jaco desserts have a light taste, texture, and feeling. Your legs literary come off the ground, and your heart becomes dreamy and easy. Therefore, we have developed a new positioning for Jaco which is just as easy.

However, the packaging of the desserts was far from light, and the new positioning did not quite fit.


Aim for the clouds

That’s why we have an ambitious task: to make the packaging of Jaco desserts take off without wings or fairy dust and without ‘Wingardium Leviosa’. We kept its recognizability so that it looks the same from afar, but there are also noticeable differences.


Keep it light

Lightness is a state. When it rises to the sky, when the wind blows your hair, when you go higher on a swing with all of your might, or when a kite flies high in the sky. These are the easy stories that we have illustrated on the packaging. And we supplemented them with new patterns based on which we depicted the shape of the product.
We kept the location of the blocks in the same places so that a person knows that this is the packaging of their favourite dessert Jaco.