Cheese in Ukraine is one of the most ancient and traditional delicacies, along with all dairy products. Try to find a family that does not have some cheese, cottage cheese, or half a bottle of kefir in the refrigerator. We love cheese, in general. Despite all the variety of cheeses in the world: soft, young, salty, from goat’s milk, aged, spicy, fragile, viscous, most people prefer ordinary cheeses, varieties familiar from their childhood. A slice of hard yellow cow’s milk cheese with a sweet and sour taste is all you need for a tea buffet. Even without bread and butter.

What’s on the shelves?


It turned out that about a quarter of the cheeses on Ukrainian sandwiches are foreign. The cheese made by Ukrainian producers, which are not inferior in quality to Polish, German, and even French ones, due to internal economic reasons was not competitive in price. In addition, foreign cheeses are more diverse and come in different flavours.



KOMO is one of the leaders of the cheese industry in Ukraine. Who other than KOMO is fighting for the right to be in the refrigerators of Ukrainian families and to oust imported cheese?
KOMO is expanding the line of its flagship variety Tenero with new tastes, basil and tomato, in order to start the fight on the shelf. KOMO decided to renew the entire line externally.



Naturally, the Tenero variety, which already enjoys the wide recognition of its packaging, love of the people, and market share, should not make sudden major changes in design. It should still be easy for people to find familiar packaging in a familiar place. But it is also necessary to attract a new audience, which now prefers imported cheese.
We disassembled the old packaging of Tenero cheese and reassembled it, removing the unnecessary, adding a drop of magic, and making it possible to scale the line to other tastes which the manufacturer will have in the future.
The design is intended not only to make this cheese stand out on the shelves but also to expand the repertoire of cheese consumption by illustrative examples. If, until this day, we only had enough imagination to put a piece of cheese on top of some sausage, now, thanks to our tips, people will be inspired to cook something more interesting with Tenero cheese, add it to a salad, add it in macarons, or bake it with a croissant… Or just eat a slice of it without anything else. Nobody forbids this.