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Myths and legends of the 21st century


How are we doing? Although drones fly in the sky and cyborgs roam the streets, you can pay in a store with your fingerprint without having cash with you—medieval ideas and prejudices about certain phenomena still reign. Some, for example, say the Earth is flat. Or take a look at vitamins. People believe that they can be obtained in sufficient quantities from the sun, fruits, vegetables, or by hugging a tree and pumping the power out of the Earth. And if you drink vitamins, then do so when it’s critically needed. For example, when the sun isn’t up high in the sky every day and access to vegetables and fruits is limited: that is, in autumn and winter.

Myth busters

Kyiv Vitamin Plant, as one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of OTC drugs and dietary supplements, decided to talk about the fact that it is worth drinking Kvadevit vitamins year-round, and not only when you feel the need. After all, taking vitamins, in fact, feels completely unnoticeable, and the tangible effect occurs only with the accumulation of the required amount of elements in the body. So you need to drink them regularly, and not twice a year. After all, a lack of vitamins is the cause of many illnesses, including seasonal ones.

Expedition in time

For the first time, a crystalline vitamin was isolated a little over 100 years ago in 1911. It is no secret, although few people know about this, that the average life expectancy on Earth is steadily increasing thanks to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. If we still scooped the vitamins for the body from the sun, celery, and fir root, then a midlife crisis with the desire to quit work and leave for Bali would come to some people at the age of 12. However, we assumed that, in an effort to extend their lives and improve their health, people still found alternative ways to extract vitamins from natural resources.

This is how the pre-vitamin era came about, filled with absurdly comedic stories in which heroes fall in the desire to get energy and good health or to strengthen their memory.

We went back in time, took with us a film crew, provisions, warm clothes and, of course, vitamins because who knows what happened with vitamins in the past. The travel report formed the basis for the video.