It’s one of the oldest, most beloved and most well-known beer producers in Belarus. Lidskae has reason to be proud of its roots: production has continued, non-stop, for more than 140 years in the small city of Lida. Since 2009, the company has been part of Olvi.

But in today’s world, you have to compete with corporate giants who invest millions in their local competitor brands.


Sitting in second in the market, the Lidskae team decided to strengthen its position and renew its flagship brand.

In order to bring Lidskae closer to its audience, they redesigned the beer and updated its brand positioning. Just look at how inviting it sounds: «Bringing together like-minded people.» The brand is based on three key values: roots, sincerity and unity.

Within the brand architecture, there’s a local pride for «your» people, which is based on close relationships: neighbors, dear friends, teammates, and close coworkers. These are all your people.

You can only relax with these kinds of like-minded people.

They let you remove the masks that are forced to wear every day to meet social expectations. They’re the people who let you be yourself.

Lida is an organically part of the platform.

It’s a city that starkly contrasts with a bustling capital.

It’s a place filled with the history of brewing.


Whether it means going to a concert of a, let’s say, less-than-exciting band or helping out just in the nick of time, what wouldn’t friends do to help friends?!

This familiar observation of friendship is now the basis of the new communication strategy.
With that, the first historical legend was born. It’s the story of Gediminas, a famous fourteenth-century Grand Duke of Lithuania. He has built the Lida Castle in order to gather his loyal friends… and have some fun.
Just like every Friday, your most eager friend goes out of their way to make sure the group gets together.


As it turned out, the video production was an extension of the idea: a week before the planned shooting, Ukraine closed its borders due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

So the creative team, Partizan Production, and the Lidskae team decided to organize a remote shoot.

The agency was located in Ukraine, while the production company and client were in Belarus. Meanwhile, the commercial director was in the Czech Republic, and one person from the Lidskae team was even further away— all the way in Vietnam. For the first time, shooting a video with complex shots and several locations had to be coordinated via a YouTube stream. So we ended up with a #pandemmercial — a TV spot that was shot taking into account the limitations of a global pandemic.

» »

New realities require new approaches that should not affect the result. All for the sake of Lidskae. All for the sake of our friends.