The main character in the film blinded me with their beauty… Or was I blinded by the light from my fellow moviegoer’s phone?

At a cinema, people are unable fully enjoy the viewing experience. Someone might bring food with distinct, penetrating smells, someone else might hit their neighbor’s chair (even if it’s by accident), someone else still may use their phone to give out social media likes. Even though people have learned to switch off their phone speakers, they see nothing wrong with scrolling through their Instagram feed or texting during a film.


During movies, I always take a handkerchief with me to cry. And an umbrella to hide from light pollution.

Pepsi and Multiplex decided to take notice. Only without the usual intimidation or telling others how to behave in a cinema. Instead, they decided to use humor. We developed innovative devices intended to ensure that everyone enjoys a comfortable viewing experience — rule breakers included. And for more people to learn about them, a Multiplex Pepsi Shopping channel was created.

What do you think, Tony Stark?



It’s a solid idea


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