Make some hype!


When Visa asked us to create a new hype series of digital skins for PrivatBank, we were delighted. We went through our first wave of ideas. Then the second. And finally a third was born.

Give me some digital skins!

PrivatBank told us that patriotic digital skins are among the top downloads. We immediately decided to work within two areas: typical urban motifs (brutalist architecture, gray asphalt, etc.) and famous Ukrainians. Taras Shevchenko came away looking like someone out of a rap video, and Lesia Ukrainka has everything she needs to start a livestream. And the hype was born!
When we chose historic Ukrainian celebrities for the designs, we realized that they also appear on paper money. So we got the idea to make the background in the style of a banknote so that they become even more recognizable.

Everyone had to repost it

Before we even had a chance to celebrate the release of the digital skins, some of our friends had already reposted Lesia and Skovoroda. After that, everything was just like in a dream: new electronic money replaced old paper bills. After all, they are fashionable, trendy, convenient and accessible. Just use them!