Odessa International Film Festival





When BBDO Ukraine began cooperation with the Odessa International Film Festival, the main task was to find a visual form that would best describe the variety of stories shown in the frames of the festival.


We realised that history is a bridge between the emotional and the visual.
An element uniting the director and his creation, character and viewer, idea and film.
The main part of the OIFF visual code was the beam of the projector, in which hundreds of fascinating stories live. Its circle allows the organic introduction of any visual elements of cinema.
The effect of chromatic aberration was incorporated into typography, and its colors were divided into the main colors of the identity.

The final

We laid the story in every detail, providing it with dynamic properties. The story easily adapts to the director, events or a specific film program.

Together with OIFF, Family Production and the famous Ukrainian director Akhtem Seitablayev, we created a video. The main character is movies looking for a new home.