Початок 2019 – Pepsi представляє нову платформу #fortheloveofit. Вона ніби кричить усім: Агов, люди! Все, що ви любите – футбол, виступ академічного ансамблю пісні та танцю, комікси, маму, колишніх, ганяти на ровері, дельфінів, спостерігати за мамою на дельфіні, попиваючи холодну Pepsi – все воно варте того, щоб насолоджуватись, не зважаючи ні на що. І, дійсно, хто б сперечався?


Although scooters and exes only connect a handful of teens and a broken heart club of maybe five people. We needed to communicate with a wider audience.

For the Pepsi summer campaign, we had to find something universal that could connect many more people. So, we started to watch the symptoms.

We found that people have been already living with some signs of addiction for quite a while. And they had not even noticed it! They wear headphones all the time, they watch music videos while waiting for their haircut, they listen to music at the gym, at work, even while riding a scooter. People listen to music!
One person even said that when he gets on public transport with no headphones, he feels anxious and panics, and really wants to get back home for them.


So, we are music addicted. And we have to celebrate it! Pepsi needed to become the distributor of everything that people love the most: Pepsi and music. Meanwhile, a warm summer filled with festivals needed to become the perfect environment for spreading music addiction. We started a campaign with celebrities and influencers.

We tried to get rid of addiction with a help of psychics and swindlers. Fortunately, we did not succeed.

We opened mobile stations for music addiction support at festivals.

We organized delivery of help to music addicts and their relatives at home and at work.


The end of the summer was still not the end. The campaign, as well as music addiction itself, did not just finish in autumn. Rather, it kept rolling on and it even inspired a famous blogger to create his own music track for a video. And we are really happy about it.

At the “Taste Challenge” that took place at the music festivals at that time, 68% of Ukrainians preferred Pepsi over other drinks. It’s a little less than the statistics on music addiction. But we are always happy to surprise someone…