Santa Bremor



A road for salmon


No waves. No currents.

Nothing special at all. We just had a challenge: to explain to Belarusian consumers why Norwegian red fish from Santa Bremor costs as much as it does (which is to say, higher than its competitors) in order to maintain its market share. In other words: how could Santa Bremor get people ready to buy fish, when its main differentiating factor is its origin?

The cold is here to help

We dove in head first in search of insights and found some interesting information: while Atlantic salmon can be found in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which stretches from Greenland to South America, salmon that originates from the cold waters of the northern part of the ocean is known around the world for its excellent quality.

There is a spot where the Atlantic Ocean meets the mountains of Norway and sea water mixes with glacial water. This creates the perfect conditions for fish farming. Norwegian salmon contains lots of protein, vitamins A, D and B12, antioxidants and omega-3.

So does this mean that the salmon born in Norway is actually the tastiest and best?!


Rather than focus on fish itself, we highlighted the cold associated with the harsh Norwegian climate. After all, it’s the cold that makes the fish useful. We built a whole Norwegian town, sculpted a whole salmon of snow, shot a whole video of fish. It turned out very cold, just like in Norway, and very tasty, just like Santa Bremor.