Savushkin Product



Belarus has always been famous for producing natural products while maintaining the highest standards. Milk, sour cream, cheese, sweetened condensed milk … Wait a minute. Cheese?

Savushkin Product is a Belarusian dairy producer that constantly faces skepticism over its Belarusian cheese. People tend to think that only Central and Western Europeans can make real cheese.

This attitude means company often can’t compete with European or “almost European” cheese manufacturers.

Savushkin Product already had a strong reputation as a traditional dairy producer. Our task was to use that reputation to position Savushkin Product as specialists in cheese production.

You may have noticed that, in the cheese category, consumers appreciate a strong production tradition. People often associate product quality with the manufacturer’s history in cheese production.

So, we started searching through the archives and found some official information: in the sixteenth century, the Dutch came to Brest, Belarus. They brought with them reformist ideas and something else— knowledge about cheese production. As it turns out, Belarusians have known cheese production for 500 years!

Naturally, we implemented this historical fact into our TV scripts and have showcased this tradition in the accompanying visuals.