AB InBev Efes



It’s all for the atmosphere


We love jazz for its rhythm, complexity and at the same time ease. We love Leopolis Jazz Fest for the opportunity to enjoy good music and have a good time with friends and family. And we love Staropramen because it makes these meetings special. After all, Staropramen has been the official partner of the festival since 2014. Unfortunately, now these meetings are rare. So we had a task: to create additional emotional connection with Staropramen and Leopolis Jazz Fest, to immerse people in the atmosphere of the festival, wherever they are.

Prague, Jazz, and Leopolis


For sure, the atmosphere, first of all, is made by music, so Staropramen and Leopolis created a special jazz playlist for inspiration and joyful moments with friends. You can download it by following the QR-code on the can. But that’s not enough. We still had to fill it with Prague! And this is where our party enters this jazz composition — a limited edition of cans that immerse you into the festival atmosphere right off the shelf, designs in which jazz, Leopolis, and Prague are intertwined. We were inspired by artists of the jazz age and created whole surreal paintings that can be viewed for a long time and find new and new images in them. Three designs, three musical instruments, contemplation of which creates the full feeling of walking through Prague to jazz improvisation.

How to see jazz


…and to find yourself in Prague for a moment. The easiest way is just to take our cans. And now you can hear the sounds of the piano, inside which is the whole new world. You see Charles Bridge there, a red tram rings, a flock of white swans floats on the Vltava with indescribable grandeur. The melody is picked up by a saxophone, its sound creates a new dimension: people are dancing on the cobbled street, there are red roofs and sharp spires of Prague around, and somewhere between them are circling sheets covered with notes. And now it’s the turn of the double bass, notes fly off the strings like birds and fly over the horizon. The famous dancing house can’t hold back and… starts dancing! And the jazz melody goes on and on… And all you have to do is to take a can of Staropramen and download the playlist by QR Code.