Everyone loves dumplings. Everyone has a pack for «World Laziness Day» hidden in the freezer. Everyone loves dumplings for their simplicity, quick preparation time and satiety. But not everyone can admit it. People don’t treat their guests with dumplings so that no one can take them for lazy hosts. The man isn’t going to serve them for a romantic dinner, as it isn’t the best way to conquer the woman. But with VICI GYOZA it’s a different story.

VICI is a Lithuanian brand of seafood and frozen semi-finished products, well known throughout Europe. And VICI GYOZA is a tasty, easy to prepare and delicious product.


Michelin dumplings. Why not?


Our task was to show that the dough with the filling can be not just dumplings to eat with vinegar and mayonnaise, but a gastronomic experience.

Who is the dumpling? Am I a dumpling? You are a dumpling!

There are about 50 types of dumplings in the world and their analogues, which have different names in different nations — pelmeni, gioza, manty, khinkali, dim sum… To simplify, we are used to call them collectively «dumplings». Well, it’s like with shoes: no one will understand the differences between derbies, oxfords, monks, chelsea or sneakers — just shoes. But the difference is huge.

Based on unrealistic events

Imagine how a gentleman would react if his broguing oxfords were called shoes. Did you manage to do that? That’s right, he would be very upset, say goodbye, sit in the cab and leave you. Now imagine what it would be like if you made delicious gioza from the finest dough with a tender chicken filling with vegetables and served them with soy sauce and a pinch of sesame seeds, and someone called your dish dumplings. Did you manage to do that? Now check out what really happened in the series of videos based on unreal events.

Outdoor advertising. Stay calm

For statics, we chose the traditional Japanese style of illustrations and depicted all the variety of fillings that occur only in gioza — seafood, meat or even fruit.


The VICI brand is very modern and is not afraid to show its character, that’s why we’ve managed to implement bold, interesting and fun ideas that cannot leave our consumers indifferent.

Only the filming process was more interesting than the videos, because the whole team was inspired by the idea and charged only for the best result. Even the cat Schuberman, who played Pokemon, did his job from the first take and conquered everyone.