You leave your apartment, walk half a kilometer down the road and you realize that you left your wallet — or, worse, your telephone — at home. How often does this happen? Pretty much all the time.

At a time when all the methods of communication, entertainment, and even the most convenient payment method are available on your phone, it can feel like accidentally leaving it at home is literally the end of the world.

But not when purchases can be paid by your face.

You will not forget at home

For the first time in Ukraine, Visa and PrivatBank launched FacePay24, a biometric payment technology, for purchases.

Just look at the tablet at the checkout and your payment will take place in a matter of seconds.

FacePay24 is easy to activate: take three selfies from different angles and attach your Visa card in the Privat24 application from PrivatBank.

On each their own

For some people, it might look cheerful even while resting. Others might be expressive. Others still might be stern or bold. On each person is their own little uniqueness. Long eyelashes, a dimpled chin or a luscious unibrow. We are all truly unique if you look closely enough.

We understood that, now, each small unique part of your face has gained an entirely new strength. That’s the power that Visa and PrivatBank gives it.

Charismatic and expressive people: actors, models, and just people we found manually through social media all embody this idea in the spot.

Just look at what your crooked nose is capable of.