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We moved to the innovative park UNIT.City. There is a gym, charging for electric cars, a large parking lot, several event locations, a cafe and a sports ground for playing basketball and outdoor activities.

Like other UNIT.City residents, we got access to the UNIT.Perks bonus program (discounts and various cool things in restaurants, cafes and other UNIT.City partners), a system of discounts for events that take place on the territory, free access to gym 24/7.

A young and talented Vlad Gushel was the designer of the office project. The office has a lot of glass and dark colors with rough textures and accent lighting. Functionally, the space is divided into several open spaces for various zones – for accounts, for creatives and for designers.

Our new workspace doesn’t look like a workspace at all. The front desk is really a coffee bar. The reception area is covered with a metal structure, simulating the entrance into the cave. The wall design is really something special. A coal wall, a modular wall, and even a rusty wall. So many locations for stories.

In the corridor there are large armchairs with high walls, where you can have some rest. At every step there is cozy place to relax, hug a laptop and work, talk on the phone. The kitchen has a green lawn and a large hanging swing.

The office has three large meeting rooms, two skype rooms and an open room functional space, which turns into a lecture hall, a place for workshops and even a cinema hall. And if you remove the chairs there will be a place for a yoga class.

In a new place, we paid special attention to the environmental friendliness of the space: we minimized the use of single-use plastic and pseudo-paper cups for coffee, we gradually switch to recycled paper. In each area of the office there are sorting bins for plastic, metal, paper and glass.

In March, we will have another cozy corner. The space above Skype rooms will turn into a place to relax. There will be a large mattress and many pillows. A perfect place to reboot. We’ll hang a big TV in the kitchen and put up a Play Station.

In the spring, a large restaurant on the ground floor and a roof terrace will open in the building B10, where we are located.

There is a constant movement, and we are happy to participate in it and arrange it.